Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream 1L

Requires no reduction, saving valuable time in the kitchen. One litre in the pack means one litre in the recipe, making great pasta every time. Specially formulated to perform in both acidic and spicy recipes without splitting or curdling.

Nutritional info (per 100g)
  • Energy (kj)
  • Protein (g)
  • Calories (kcal)
  • Fat – Saturated (g)
  • Carbohydrate Total (g)
  • Sodium (mg)
Product Details
  • Product code
  • Pack sizes available
    12 X 1L
  • Shelf life
    9 months unopened
How to use

Consistent performance – Performs well under heat, maintaining a smooth and thick consistency.

Acid stable – Holds performance in sour, acidic and spicy recipes without splitting.

Reheat performance – Ideal for reheating chilled or frozen dishes, and maintaining stability.

Excellent coating – Glossy coating and great appetite in every dish.

Up to 30% better yield+ - against conventional thickened creams.

Contains 40% less fat* - than Anchor Culinary Cream which contains 35g fat total per 100ml.

Suitable for a Vegetarian diet

After opening consume within 3 days

Keep refrigerated at or below 4°C

Product FAQ

All the minor ingredients (emulsifiers and stabilisers) used in the formulation of these three SKUs are vegetable origin. There is no ingredient in these SKUs that has animal origin (except milk and cream). Given that milk is also can be called vegetarian, we can call them vegetarian.

UHT is fresh cream/milk that has been heated to a high temperature to kill bacteria and extend shelf life. Conventional cream is also heated through the pasteurisation process, but not to such a high temperature. There has been great advancement in the production of UHT and has .

With its  reduced formula, it also reduces cooking time, food cost and wastage . Are specially formulated to hold high temperatures – making it ideal for cook chill and reheat applications.


Cream, Skim milk, Thickener (1442,466), Emulsifiers (471, 460), Stabiliser (452) Contains minimum 20% Milk fat.

Contains: Milk and Dairy Products

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